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Create Your Own Tradingview Indicator

Have your own indicator and follow the market more easily.
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We’re developing the perfect pine script solutions to improve your trading and simplify your life.

Since 2020, we've quickly and accurately delivered the right Pine Script solutions to meet our customers' needs.
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Create Your Trading Tool to Assist with Your Trade Decisions

With our expert developers and analysts, we develop trading tools that are specifically designed for your needs.


Scan pairs according to your specified criteria and stay informed of developments

Strategy Tester

Test your strategy on historical data and improve it

Trading Bot

Set your trading signals and own a bot that will trade on your behalf.

How it works

What they say about us?

  • What is Pine Script?
    Pine Script is a programming language specifically used for creating trading strategies. Developed by the TradingView platform, this language allows users to write their own custom indicators, strategies, and alert systems.
  • What Is The Difference Between Indicator Scripts And Strategy Scripts?
    The fundamental difference between indicator scripts and strategy scripts lies in their purpose and functionality. Indicator Scripts Indicator scripts are used to apply mathematical operations to market data for analysis purposes. These scripts are designed to better understand and visually represent market movements. Examples of such technical analysis tools include moving averages or the Relative Strength Index (RSI). Strategy Scripts Strategy scripts are used to develop automated trading strategies. These scripts contain specific trading rules and conditions, simulating when to buy or sell based on these conditions being met. Strategy scripts often offer the capability to perform backtesting, allowing investors to evaluate how their strategies would have performed on historical data.
  • How Long Will It Take You To Complete The Project I Requested?
    The delivery time varies depending on the requirements of the project. We typically deliver within 2 to 5 days.
  • How Much do I Pay?
    The price of the project varies depending on the requirements of your project. If you provide us your project with the details, we can give you information about the cost and delivery time.
  • Do You Sell High-Profit Strategies?
    We do not have ready-to-use strategies for sale.
  • Can We Make a Confidentiality and IP Agreement?
    We can arrange for confidentiality and IP agreements through contracted firms if requested.
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With our expert developers and analysts, we develop trading tools that are specifically designed for your needs.

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